Our Marketing Department has the pleasure to inform you that a new bonus feature has been added to the web hosting services order page of our company’s website. Elefante PHP script FREE automatic installation is now included in the packages! This means that, with each web hosting plan you order through our website’s order form, you can have one Elefante PHP script of your choice professionally configured and fully automatically installed for you on your website absolutely free of charge.

NOTE: Once you have purchased your web hosting account, you can download and install any of the rest of over 30 PHP scripts available for free installation through our Elefante Installer from your Web Hosting Control Panel (as it’s been so far), more advanced computer configuration skills however might be required from you during the installation process.

Take now the exceptional opportunity to easily run any of the open-source Elefante PHP scripts available (Blog, Forum, CMS, Gallery, etc.) with the free PHP script installation you get with any newly ordered web hosting account.