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Can Managed Services Bridge the IT Skills Gap for Small and Midsize Businesses?

Can Managed Services Bridge the IT Skills Gap for Small and Midsize Businesses?

Small and mid-sized businesses often face a number of challenges when it comes to information technology. A widening IT skills gap causes concern for many SMBs, because keeping up with IT demands can be a genuine struggle that impacts operations, profitability and the overall effectiveness of a

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State of Kansas and Missouri Economy and Business Growth

You wouldn’t necessarily expect it, but business in Kansas City, Missouri (chart below) is growing faster than many cities in the country that are known for their fast-growing business sectors. An independent study published by Philadelphia-based Wendover Corporation shows that according to the company’s research, Kansas City’s

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How to Keep Your Clients Safe From a Ransomware Attack

Anyone who’s been paying attention to tech news headlines during the past few months has undoubtedly heard of the WannaCry attack. The malware first sent shockwaves around the world in May, when it quickly spread to hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 150 countries. Cyence,

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Are Outdated Browsers Leaving Businesses Vulnerable?

Running unpatched browsers leaves your network vulnerable to exploits and other malicious schemes that could expose or compromise company data. The chart below breaks down commonly-used browsers by the percentage of users running outdated versions of each. Server Managed IT Support Desktop Managed IT Support  

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