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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Business IT

Artificial Intelligence in Business IT

Artificial Intelligence in Business IT In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded in popularity and distribution. Today, people relate to AI in different ways, depending on how they use it (or not) and whether or not they run a business that utilizes AI solutions. While some

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The Connection of Artificial Intelligence & Managed IT Services

Managed IT services and managed cloud hosting services, like many other industries, have come to use AI in recent years. Because managed IT services specialize in desktop managed IT and endpoint protection and rely on metrics such as performance, accuracy and rapid response, AI poses an ideal

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The Different Types of Artificial Intelligence

Today, there are several different types of artificial intelligence, working for and with brands, including the following: Artificial super intelligence. This type of AI uses a computer as a “super brain” that’s both faster and more expansive than the human brain. Artificial general intelligence. Machines using artificial

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