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September 9, 2017 in Artificial Intelligence

The Connection of Artificial Intelligence & Managed IT Services

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Managed IT services and managed cloud hosting services, like many other industries, have come to use AI in recent years.

Because managed IT services specialize in desktop managed IT and endpoint protection and rely on metrics such as performance, accuracy and rapid response, AI poses an ideal solution that can help these companies be more efficient, flexible and innovative, while also providing smart backup and disaster recovery solutions and improving their endpoint security and managed services.

While there are many ways MSPs can use AI to enhance their brands, these are some of the most obvious applications:

  • Proactivity. One of AI’s greatest strengths is predictive insights. With the help of AI, MSPs can take a proactive approach to algorithms, problem-solving and offerings.
  • Cost savings. IT departments are always facing new technological challenges. In many cases, they have a hard time adapting correctly and risk falling behind as a result. Luckily, AI can fix this. By providing IT departments with a way to streamline their applications and provide better service and more intelligent problem-solving, AI helps IT departments avoid unneeded expenses and consolidate their resources.
  • Increased accuracy. When managed IT services partner with AI technology, one of the biggest perks is increased accuracy. AI is one of the fastest-moving technologies out there, and accessing it allows IT teams to improve their processes by making them faster, more accurate and more secure. It’s also a fantastic support solution for data backup and disaster recovery.
  • More flexibility. When MSPs use AI, they have more time to focus on the growth of their team and products. Because AI is flexible and easily scalable, it represents a simple way for IT teams to support their clients and access deeply intuitive solutions that match the needs of their organizations.
  • An improved backup and disaster recovery plan. AI can help IT teams supplement their existing IT support and backup services and provide them with an intelligent backup and disaster recovery solution. Because backup and disaster recovery remains one of the most important considerations for an organization, this is essential.


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