We have implemented a new feature in our web hosting where you can see it up now in the Hepsia Control Panel, which allows web hosting users to redirect their website visitors to a different page, subdomain, or even to a different website, based on the visitor’s geographical location (continent, country, even city).

How it all works

Let’s say that you have a website home-cooking.us, which is dedicated to cooking recipes from the US. Now, you want to launch a new website, which will offer recipes from the UK and you want to send visitors from the United Kingdom directly to the new website home-cooking.uk.

You simply have to add a new A or CNAME DNS record for your existing domain, in our case – home-cooking.us, and point it to the new website – home-cooking.uk. Then, simply tick the ‘Enable GeoIP’ box and select visitors from which country you would like to redirect – in our case, anyone coming from the United Kingdom.

Once the DNS record has been updated worldwide, all visitors from the UK will see the home-cooking.uk website, while the rest of the world will see the original home-cooking.us website.