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July 25, 2012 in Cloud Hosting Services

A New Drop-Down Menu in the Hepsia CP

ABD Technology - Hosting Hepsia Control Panel

Each month, we receive tons of feedback on how to improve our Web Hosting Control Panel. And while we can’t answer all requests, we never ignore good ideas and always put them on our to-do list.

One such suggestion was to improve the top drop-down menu in the Hepsia CP. It’s not that it was bad, but there were ways in which we could have made it better. After one week of testing new types of menus, we have chosen the one that can be seen right now in the Web Hosting Control Panel.

It features a totally reworked back-end, which will allow for the drop-down menu to be available under any OS or platform (we received reports that our previous menu did not work correctly under Apple’s iPad). Also, when a user’s mouse hovers over a menu item, a short text will be displayed describing what the user can do in the respective section.

We have also prepared several new tools for the Hepsia CP, so stay tuned.

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