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August 18, 2012 in Cloud Hosting Services

New Geolocation Functionality Added to the Hepsia Control Panel

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We have implemented a new feature in our web hosting where you can see it up now in the Hepsia Control Panel, which allows web hosting users to redirect their website visitors to a different page, subdomain, or even to a different website, based on the visitor’s geographical location (continent, country, even city).

How it all works

Let’s say that you have a website, which is dedicated to cooking recipes from the US. Now, you want to launch a new website, which will offer recipes from the UK and you want to send visitors from the United Kingdom directly to the new website

You simply have to add a new A or CNAME DNS record for your existing domain, in our case –, and point it to the new website – Then, simply tick the ‘Enable GeoIP’ box and select visitors from which country you would like to redirect – in our case, anyone coming from the United Kingdom.

Once the DNS record has been updated worldwide, all visitors from the UK will see the website, while the rest of the world will see the original website.

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