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October 14, 2012 in Cloud Hosting Services

Sitemap Generator Available in Hepsia CP

ABD Technology - website-sitemap

We have added a new useful tool in the Hepsia Control Panel – the Sitemap Generator tool. It is located under the Advanced tab and it is really easy to use.

To generate a new sitemap, all you have to do is select the desired website and hit Crawl.

You can specify the crawl depth (the default value is set to 3), the maximum number of links to be crawled (the default value is set to 1000) as well as the valid file extensions.

Once the crawl has been completed, you will see all the links that our Sitemap Generator has visited, the internal links for each page, as well as the HTTP code. You will be able to change the default page changing frequency and the priority of the indexed URLs. Once you are ready, click on the Generate a Sitemap button to save your sitemap. You will be taken to the File Manager where you will find your sitemap.xml file.

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