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April 14, 2008 in Latest News Releases


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Dear clients,

It us our pleasure to inform you that, as of today, support of PHP v6 is available on all servers in our web hosting network.

This is a brand new version of PHP that still needs to be stabilized online. Therefore, the version is still recommended utterly for test purposes and experimental use. We are introducing the new version in our system earlier in advance, as there are already lots of users interested in developing and maintaining dynamic web sites through PHP v6 enabled software. We would like to advice you, however, to restrain from relying fully only on this version until PHP v6 is officially confirmed as a stable release.

Considering the global software world’s trend of moving towards language and cultural sensitivity, the most outstanding feature in PHP v6 – the Unicode support – comes as a timely response! For all of you interested in implementing the new PHP support, please, switch to the new version from the ‘PHP settings’ section in your Web Hosting Control Panel, or simply by running your files with the extension of “.php6”.

With compliments, from our company

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