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February 28, 2008 in Latest News Releases


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Dear customers,

As we recently announced, our company is becoming VAT registered. We would like to inform you now that the official date of our VAT registration, previously scheduled for March 1st, has just been confirmed to be April 2nd, 2008.

The re-scheduling of the dates and the hence extended preceding period of time provide us with the enormous advantage to have opportunity to introduce the new VAT invoices earlier in advance, to take time to monitor the performance of the system and to guarantee, in result, an ultimate stability, fluency and trouble-free transition to the new VAT scheme on April 2nd.

Our Management Department has decided to introduce the new VAT type-a invoices into our system in the period between 4-6 March, 2008. The VAT field on the invoices will be featuring with a 0.00 value (in the currency you have chosen) until April 2nd, as no VAT will be charged during that time.

Should you have any questions regarding the new VAT scheme, please, refer to the Detailed VAT Overview in our news section or contact our Supports Department. Should you have any comments or recommendations regarding the new VAT invoices, please, do not hesitate to feedback us.

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