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September 4, 2007 in Latest News Releases


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A new feature has been made available in the Control panel. It enables you to sign up quickly for a completely new hosting account when the current hosting account has insufficient resources or in case a new project is about to be started. That’s not all – a new interface has been developed for the signup process. It has the features of a Shopping Cart with its main advantage – allows management of the items that are being ordered without losing sight of them.

Let’s choose the Setup New Account link in the web hosting control panel and take a short tour through the steps of the signup process using the new interface.
Step 1: Select a hosting plan
In the first step of the wizard you will get acquainted with the hosting plans that are currently on offer. To review the plan features and compare the hosting plans that are available for purchase, choose the Compare plans tab. To proceed to the next step, click the Order button that corresponds to the plan that suits your needs. Note that in the Cart table you can use the Change plan link to switch to another hosting plan at any time during the signup process.

Step 2: Select domain

In this step you must choose the domain name that you want to host in the new hosting account. You can register a domain name, or transfer an existing one, registered with another registrar. There is an option also to host your existing domain name without transferring it. Once you enter a domain name for registration / transfer and click the Add domain for hosting button, you must add to cart the domain that you’ve chosen in the results’ list. Of course, you can use the Change domain link to change the domain name whenever you want.

Step 3: Account info

Here we come to the place where you must submit the information needed in order to create the new hosting account. It is very important to enter the username of the new Hosting account and make sure that the contact e-mail address is correct because the new account information will be sent there. The same information will appear in the WHOIS of the domain that is ordered for registration or transfer.

Step 4: Select payment

Finally, we come to the last step of the wizard where you must select the preferred payment method (credit card or PayPal). Make your final decision whether you would like to have the web hosting account created and, if everything is in order, use the Next button to complete the signup process and submit the payment.

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