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September 3, 2007 in Latest News Releases


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We aim at making our services a real pleasure for you. Our desire is to enable you to do more with fewer efforts. After the several Control panel upgrades that we have made recently, we are presenting to your attention now the new version of the Elefante FREE Scripts installer.

Considering your feedback, we’ve tried to improve this useful tool and the result is a more intuitive and less time-consuming scripts installer, which now offers you more scripts. We hope that you will like it. We’ll give you an idea of what you should expect to see:

New Interface
The new interface will allow having all the scripts displayed at once. One look at the Control Panel will be sufficient to see the various categories and the corresponding scripts.

More information

Why going to each script’s page to see what its purpose is? Placing the mouse on the script’s name will show you a short description, which will give you an idea whether this is the software that you are looking for. If it isn’t – no problem, you will have some other scripts in the list to choose from.

One click for complete management

A single click on the chosen script will give you the complete information needed for its management: software name, version and description, the option of installing the given script as well as the current number of the installations with the corresponding administrator URL.

Script administration

The new administration panel is available in the Installed Applications section. A single click on the link in the Admin URL column will give you full information about the script – date of the installation, the database that was used, as well as the administrative login information.

Script versions

We will do our best to keep the versions of the scripts that will be available in the Elefante FREE Scripts installer up-to-date. Every time there is a newer version, we will make it available for installation. You should bear in mind also the following:

  • It is your obligation to install new software versions and updates of the versions that you have already installed. Some programs don’t have updates and thus they may cause security issues. We are not responsible for any security issues that may arise as a result of non-updated versions of the scripts.
  • We do not provide support for these scripts. Contact the development companies or check the support forums in case you experience any problems with the installed applications.
Thank you for being with us and for helping us improve our Hosting services.

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