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August 13, 2007 in Latest News Releases


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New top-level-domains (TLD) have been made available for registration and transfer through the Domain Manager of you Control panel. More TLDs give you a chance to get a domain name that will fit better to the purpose and the target-group of your website.

The new TLDs that you can order now are:
.cc  .tv  .name  .cn  .tw

The TLDs that we have been offering for registration so far are:
.com  .net  .org  .biz  .us  .info

To see the new TLDs, select the Register / Transfer tab in your Domain Manager, or click the Register / Transfer button in the Upgrades menu.
In the Register / Transfer page you can select the box under the domain search bar for the TLDs that you would like to be included in the search. Please note that the pricing varies for the various TLDs and you can check it in the table that is on the right hand-side in the same page.
In order to see what the features of the TLDs are, (which can have ID Protect, which you can lock, etc.) just click the TLD Info link and all the information will be displayed in a table.

NOTE: If you can’t find those TLDs in the Domain Manager of your web hosting Control panel, please submit a trouble ticket to our support in order to receive instructions on how to order such domain names.

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