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December 22, 2010 in Latest News Releases

Hepsia Control Panel Beta Release

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Our lead developers spent their last year building a brand new Control Panel for our shared web hosting users, and today we will unveil the result of their work with the introduction of the beta release of our new Hepsia Control Panel!

  1. A New Domain Manager
  2. A New File Manager
  3. A Complete Backend Upgrade
  4. A New Web Hosting Plan – the Starter Plan


A New Domain Manager

To be noticed online, you need a domain name. To control your domain name, you need a domain management interface. And we have prepared a brand new and improved Domain Manager to help you to better manage your domains. The new interface is much more intuitive to work with, as well as faster.


A New File Manager

Something else we’ve spent a lot of time working on is the new File Manager. Working with files inside a web hosting account is a very important part of the whole web hosting experience, so we’ve created a File Manager, which is very similar to the file manager tool on your desktop machine, for example. This way, as soon as you see it, you will know how to work with it.


A Complete Backend Upgrade

For our new Control Panel, we decided that we needed a clean start. So, our developers started working from the ground up to write the backend, using the best ideas from our current Control Panel and adding a lot of new ones. This way, we can keep the present functionality, but, at the same time, improve it significantly.


A New Web Hosting Plan – the Starter Plan

Earlier this month, we converted our web hosting plans to use unlimited features, but we felt like something was missing. So, after much thought, we decided it was time to introduce a brand new budget web hosting plan – the Starter hosting plan. This plan is perfect for the novice web hosting user, since its wholesale price is set to just 57.00 USD per year and it comes with unlimited resources.

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