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October 10, 2010 in Latest News Releases

The Starter Hosting Plan

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So far, we have been offering three shared web hosting plans – the Business, the Corporate and the Enterprise hosting plans. And just a few weeks ago, we converted these plans to offer unlimited resources and features. So today, it is time for our next step – to add a brand new web hosting offer – the Starter web hosting plan!

Starter Web Hosting Plan

This new web hosting plan can host just one domain name, but still sports unlimited disk space and unlimited traffic. This allows us to offer it at the low annual price of $57.00 per year/$4.75 per month.

This web hosting solution is aimed for all web hosting customers who are new to the web hosting world and want something simple when starting their first website. Many such customers were often confused by the name of our cheapest plan – the Business hosting plan, and called our customer support lines to ask if there was a more simple solution for a personal website.

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