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August 27, 2008 in Latest News Releases


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To further facilitate our customers in the management of their web hosting accounts we run regular updates to the customers’ Web Hosting Control Panel. The newest update we’ve made concerns the Domain Manager, and in particular – the display field of the domains’ status. This section will now contain up-to-date information about the current status of each domain name, as well as extended administration options.

Four new domain statuses have been added and will be displayed accordingly when a particular domain name has reached the respective status. The statuses will be notified with type icons, opening tooltips with detailed explanation about each of them. From the Expiration/Renewal column of the Domain Manager our customers will be also able to open other tooltips providing options for according domain action.

Domain statuses overview:

Redemption period – a period of up to 30 days after a domain name’s expiration. During this period the domain name owner can retrieve the domain name from deletion and renew it against a small redemption fee. Automatic renewal option will be displayed in the Domain Manager in such cases. The redemption fee will be added to the renewal price of the domain name. The customer needs to open a tooltip from the Expiration/Renewal column of the domain name in RGP (Redemption Grace Period). There he/or she will be given the option to retrieve the domain name and renew it.


Extended redemption period – a grace period of another 7 – 30 days when the domain name can be retrieved from deletion and renewed. The renewal however cannot be automatic in this period and the domain name owner needs to contact our supports team with renewal request. ‘Open support ticket’ option will be displayed in the domain tooltip opened from the Expiration/Renewal column of the Domain Manager.


Pending delete period – this is rather informative than requiring any action, since during this period the domain name can be neither retrieved, nor renewed. It only shows that the domain has been blocked by its Registry and will be returned in 3 – 5 days back into the public pool of domain names.

Released from registry – this status shows that the domain name is now publicly available for registration. An option will be provided in the respective Expiration/Renewal Domain Manager field with registration of the domain name preserving its old WHOIS information. The previous domain name owner can take advantage of this opportunity and newly register the domain name. If the domain name has been already taken, an option with new domain name registration will be offered.


We hope that this update will be useful for our clients and will help them to better and easier manage their domain names.

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