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January 21, 2008 in Latest News Releases


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For us, 2007 was an intensive year, fulfilled with new entries, brilliant ideas and fruitful collaboration between you and us. Throughout these 12 months of hard work we were completely devoted in our efforts to keep higher and competitive the level of our web hosting system, and to provide better and more interesting opportunities for you – our clients. Eyeing back on the year, we are happy to acknowledge that all our efforts had been worth making, in terms of numerous innovations implemented, as well as upgrades performed. Big part of those were inspired by the valuable feedback you were sending us, together with your highly appreciated recommendations. Let’s preserve this rate of supportive work and collaboration also throughout the new year and cast an eye back now at some of our most important 2007 events.

Most radically reformed was the Domain Manager. It now provides opportunity for full control of your hosted domains through centralized management of all features (multi-year registration and renewal, transfer, hosting, DNS, parking, Lock/Unlock, WHOIS, ID Protection, EPP).

The recently updated Custom DNS Records section also supports now extended functionality. You are able to set CNAME, AAAA and TXT records, as well as additional NS, MX and A records.

Substantially renewed is the Upgrade section of the WHCP (Web Hosting Control Panel). The Add Services range of features has been enhanced. The interface of the Upgrade Plan and Renew Plan functionality fields is now much friendlier.

A new section was introduced – Set up New Account, enabling you, upon need, to immediately purchase a new web hosting account.

Special attention was paid to our Elefante (Free Scripts) Installer. It was upgraded to a new version, containing better features and more user-friendly interface.

An Administration Tools section was differentiated, with its latest implementation – the .htaccess generator, supplying you with an advanced tool for generating .htaccess files.

Two new languages – Dutch and Romanian – were introduced to the language family of the WHCP. A new link – Visit Store, was added, as well, providing a direct connection to our dynamic up-to-date service offerings.

The Round Cube webmail software was added to the Web Mail tools currently in use for web-based e-mail management.

Great number of TLD extensions (top-level domain names) was added to the list of domains available for registration/transfer in your WHCP, together with WHOIS / ID Protect Service activated and multiple domain registrations/renewals for multiple years.

Throughout the past year our network administrators invested a great amount of efforts in improving the performance of our servers – the “backbone” of our web hosting system. Together with the adding of new servers, a few hardware and software (php 5 and MySQLv5 library) upgrades were carried out.

Special attention was focused on the rejuvenation of our billing system, aimed at substantial tightening of its efficiency regarding the payment verifications and order processings. The switching to multi-currency billing and the PayPal Pro payments solution now guarantee you increased stability and higher level of security in the processing of your incoming payments through our Web Store or through your Web Hosting Control Panel.

For us, 2007 had been a fruitful year, fulfilled with benefits. And bringing to mind the rich array of projects and ideas already scheduled to be performed, we dare say that, even from this early time-point of view, 2008 already outlines as an incredibly interesting year, packed with events. Let us slightly “uplift the curtains” for those of you who most impatiently await:


  • New Improved Web Hosting Platform – we have firmly headed upon the track of a Cluster System – to be entirely implemented by the end of the year. The stable architecture and design of the new Cluster System will enable us to successfully step on the next level – Load-Balancing System, hopefully shortly afterwards.
  • Intelligent Website Builder – a new WYSIWUG software is being developed by our professionals. It will suit your utmost requirements of an intelligent and intuitive tool for creating websites.
  • Recurring Billing – the new facilitative option will be implemented soon in your Web Hosting Control Panel, to enable automatic renewals of your active account services – time-savingly and effortlessly for you.
  • Essential update of the Email Manager is to be performed – the new Email Manager will be supplied with cleverer interconnections, auto webmail logins, visual display of all settings of an email account, intelligent tooltips and much friendlier interface.
  • Essential update of the File Manager – a bright new File Manager will be integrated in our system. The new File Manager is developed by our professionals to suit the utmost requirements for ease, convenience and user-friendly interface. Key basis for its creation was the need for better navigation, facilitation, time-saving and visualization tools. Enormous accent was put on some significantly important aspects regarding its upload functionality and editing system tools.
  • Completely new version of the Web Hosting Control Panel – you will have at your disposal several interfaces to choose from (graphic, text and mixed). Full customizability will be enabled, together with improved interconnections, smart tooltips and much user-friendlier functional approach.

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