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November 21, 2007 in Latest News Releases


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The .DE TLD has been made available for registration and management in the Control Panel. This is the TLD for Germany and we believe that its implementation will meet the needs of our customer from Germany. It is worth mentioning that the registry of this domain, DENIC, has a few special requirements for the registration and management of .DE domain names and here you can learn about them.

WHOIS / Contact Information:In order to approve a registration request, the registry has set a requirement for street address or P.O. Box within Germany in the administrative contact section. To fulfill this requirement, an additional step has been added after the WHOIS information Please note that the .DE registry, DENIC may not approve the registration if the address is not correct.
Registration Period:The registration period varies between 1 to 10 years. Renewals for multiple years are possible as well.
Domain Renewal:.DE domain name can be renewed successfully up to 10 days before the expiration date. When less than 10 days are left to the domain’s expiration date, it gets a “Transit” status and the registry attempts to contact the registrant. If, after 4 weeks, there is no response, the domain is transferred to DENICdirect for further management and the registrant must contact then, in order to renew the domain name.
WHOIS / ID Protection:This service is not applicable for .DE domain names.
Registrar Change / Transfer:It is not possible to change the registrar of .DE domain names.

We believe that the information that we have provided would be sufficient to clarify the situation with the .DE domain names. In the Register / Transfer tab of the Domain Manager, there is a TLD Info page where one can find a detailed review of all TLDs on offer.

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