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November 14, 2007 in Latest News Releases


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We are glad to inform you that the .COM.MX domain extension has just been made available in the Domain Manager of the web hosting Control Panel. As you probably know, the .MX TLD is for Mexico but, unlike the most of the country domain names, there are no restrictions for nationality or residence in this country and anyone can order and use such domain names. However, there is a special requirement set by the nicMX registry that imposed an additional step to be added to the domain registration process. Here comes some more information regarding the features of the new extension:

Registration Period: .COM.MX domain names can be registered only for a 2-year period.
Domain Renewal: Domain renewal is possible for 1 year and must be ordered before the expiration date. If a domain name expires, it is removed from our account with our registrar, and becomes available for registration at least 16 days after the date of expiration.
Pre-Configuration: The step that follows the WHOIS information form requires the registrant to agree with the aforementioned domain renewal requirement.
WHOIS Management: Once a .COM.MX domain is registered, the registrant can modify the WHOIS only with a trouble ticket opened from the Help Center that is available in the Control Panel. The support team will forward the request to the attention of the domain registrar for approval and will inform the registrant whenever there is a resolution for approval or rejection, sent by the nicMX registry.
WHOIS / ID Protection: This service in not available for .COM.MX domain names.
Registrar Change / Transfer: It is possible only to transfer .COM.MX domain names away to another registrar, while transfers to us is not supported by our registrar.

The .DE top-level domain (TLD) will also be made available for registration and management soon. We will let you know as soon as this is done.

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