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August 17, 2007 in Latest News Releases


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New options are available in the Subdomain Manager in the webhosting Control panel. Until now, one of the features in this section was allowing to set up the ERROR 404 page for each virtual host (domain or subdomain) and the options were: to use the system Apache error page, or to set a website URL that will open in case someone mistypes the host URL.

Now, in the Subdomain Manager, besides the ERROR 404 page, there are options to manage also 400, 401 and 403 error pages. Thus you will have control on the error pages that appear when there are problems with your hosts or with the server.

Please note that the new feature is available for the hosting accounts located on the servers from to for now. If you have any questions or meet any difficulties while setting up the error pages, feel free to send your inquiry in a trouble ticket that can be opened from the Help Center section of the web hosting Control panel.

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