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November 15, 2006 in Latest News Releases


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You can now perform variuos operations with one or more of your domain names simultaneously. Depending on the current domain status, you can renew registration, edit WHOIS information, edit DNS settings, lock/unlock at the registrar, register name servers and obtain EPP authorization key. Simply use the checkboxes on the left to select domain names and then perform a desired action by clicking on the corresponding button.

The registrar-lock feature is quite useful when you would like to secure your domain name and prevent it from being stolen. To check the current status of the lock, simply click on the icon beside a domain name. You can then lock or unlock it prior to a domain transfer. However, you should always keep your domain names locked.

Most of the top domain registrars now require that each domain name has its own EPP key. The EPP Authorization Key represents a code, which is required when authorizing domain transfers. If you would like to obtain the EPP key for a specific domain name, simply click on the EPP icon. An EPP key is available only for domain names registered with us and with status OK.

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