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May 18, 2006 in Latest News Releases


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We have received a number of reports from customers that were unable to access their websites or e-mail accounts on our servers. Unfortunately, the problem is due to issues that are outside of our network and control. The source of the problem appears to be due to connectivity issues within the networks of the following Internet service providers:

Optimal Online
Road Runner

However, the issue may affect other ISPs as well. The problem has been reported to the data center that we use and they are taking measures to resolve it with the ISPs whose networks are affected by the problem. If you are experiencing such a problem, we strongly encourage you to contact your ISP as soon as possible and report the issue. Since you will not be the only one with this problem, hopefully they take the necessary measures to resolve the issue quickly. Alternatively, if possible, we would also recommend you to try another local ISP that does not have any connectivity problems.

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