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February 27, 2006 in Latest News Releases


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We are happy to announce that today we have launched a release candidate version of our well-known hosting Control Panel. Our hard work continues in order to bring you the most easy-to-use and at the same time advanced web hosting control panel ever.

Control Panel v1.0 RC1 now features a new fresh outlook of the main menus, a News section, an updated Account Usage table, MySQL Stats, Load Stats and Elefante Tools:

– The Java-based menus create a new browsing experience through the main sections of the Control Panel.
– Below the Account Usage table you can find the most recent hosting news.
– The Account Usage table now contains the file quota of the hosting account.
– MySQL Stats section will give you detailed statistics about the queriers made to your databases.
– Load Stats section displays the server load per a specified time period. It is quite useful when you check what is the average load that your website(s) generate.
– Elefante Tools section contains both administrative tools, as well as search engine optimization tools. You are now able to submit your web site to numerous search engines for better indexing.

More new and advanced features are currently being developed and will be released very soon at your convenience. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our support team.

Expect the final version!

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