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August 8, 2004 in Latest News Releases


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We are happy to present to your attention two brand new services, which are now available in the Control Panel.
The first one is an SPAM protection, which will prevent your mailboxes from different types of SPAM. The SPAM will be detected according to different commonly accepted criteria, classified into five levels of detection. You can test all five levels (from Low to Very High) by customizing the service to delete or redirect detected messages, thus finding the level that will best suit your needs.

The second service is called E-mail filters. By using this service for a selected by you alias, all incoming mail to this alias can be filtered according to conditions set by you. All messages, which correspond exactly to the conditions you have set, can be deleted or redirected to any other e-mail address.

(Note that this is a generally set e-mail filter and messages cannot be redirected into different folders but only to e-mail addresses.)

If you can think of more useful conditions for filtering messages or you have any suggestions about the service in general, do not hesitate to send them over to the support team.

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