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April 19, 2004 in Latest News Releases


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The long-expected protection from e-mail viruses is already a fact from the beginning of this week (April 12, 2004). An automated anti-virus protection was installed on all servers from the SupremeServer hosting network. This applies to all SMTP and POP3 servers.
The anti-virus software contains definitions of over 20,000 existing viruses.
Virus definitions are updated every two hours (120 minutes). This guarantees maximum protection to all SupremeServer hosting customers.
If your PC is infected by a virus, which is spread by e-mail, SupremeServer anti-virus protection will not allow the virus to spread using SupremeServer SMTP servers. The same is valid when you receive your e-mail from our POP3 servers. You should all be aware of the fact that any anti-virus protection can save you only from existing and recognized viruses. This is so, because unfortunately the people who create and spread viruses over the world have the last say on this issue.
SupremeServer asks for understanding from all our hosting customers regarding viruses. We are all vulnerable to every new virus on the Internet and cannot be protected in any way until a definition for this virus is written. This takes some time. SupremeServer hopes that you will be satisfied with this new, extremely useful and completely free service.

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