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October 31, 2012 in Cloud Hosting Services

Hosting account migration notification

Dear Customers,

This email is to notify you that your account is pending to be moved to a more powerful server in our newest Data Center in Las Vegas.

This will be a major upgrade to our latest cloud system, which is generated related with a better location and connection and much more.

Our developers and administrators have been working hard in the past year to create a new hosting platform, a more reliable and scalable one, which we are now migrating all accounts to.

Your account will be transferred to a new server within the next two weeks, starting from Monday Nov 5th. Nothing will change on your end as far as the interface and the configuration settings are concerned. The change is on the back-end and it affects the overall performance and stability, which are both significantly increased by the newly developed and implemented hosting platform. This email is meant to inform you about the pending transfer. Nothing is required from you with regards to the transfer.

Please be assured that the transfer of your account will be performed rapidly and with virtually no downtime. No data will be lost and you will not have to update any settings on your end.

We cannot give you an exact date and time for the transfer as we are following a dynamic schedule, which is constantly updated but it will happen within the next two weeks and we will inform you once it has been completed.

Best Regards,
Support Staff

ABD Technology Inc

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