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October 2, 2012 in Cloud Hosting Services

Notification Inbox Added to Hepsia Control Panel

ABD Technology - Hosting Hepsia Control Panel

As of last week, we have a brand new Notifications Inbox in the Hepsia Control Panel.

This new Inbox will be the one place where you will receive all system notifications and news and will replace the System Notification field that used to be located on the home page of the control panel.

In the Inbox, you will receive all news and system notifications. Different messages will be highlighted in different colors – news will be in blue, notifications for expiring upgrades will be yellow and critical notifications (for exceeded CPU, disk space, expired/expiring domains, etc.) will be in red.

Critical notifications and notifications for expiring services will also offer you options on how to proceed in the given situation. Also, critical notifications will remain marked as critical, until the customer chooses one of the options, offered in the message.

We have also introduced a page, where you will be able to see all notifications with a quick link to open a support ticket, if you have a question for our customer support service.

You can check out our new Notification Inbox in the Hepsia Control Panel Live Demo.

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