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Monthly archive for June 2012

No Longer Return a ’500 Internal Server Error’ Message

Due to security reasons, our web hosting platform does not support the use of the ‘Options’ directive in .htaccess files. If a customer uses ‘Options +FollowSymLinks’ or ‘Options -Indexes’, his website will return a ’500 Internal Server Error’ message. After a recent update, our hosting platform simply

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Change in the period SSL certificates

Change in the period SSL certificates

Due to a GeoTrust policy change, as of today, SSL certificates can be purchased or renewed for a period of 4 years. Up until now, it was possible to renew or purchase an SSL for a 10-year period. Existing SSL certificates with more than 4 years left

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Cloud Hosting: It’s the Future

Cloud Hosting: It's the Future

Web hosts are slashing prices and adding functionality to try and tempt web creatives into joining the cloud hosting revolution, but why make the change? eb hosting in the cloud, isn’t that what web hosting has always been? A site stored on a remote server? It’s not

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What is a Domain Name Servers – DNS

What is a Domain Name Servers - DNS

If you’ve ever used the Internet, most likely that you’ve used the Domain Name System without realizing it. The Domain Name Server or for short DNS is a protocol that help how computers exchange data on the Internet, known as the TCP/IP protocol suite. Its basic job

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