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[pullquote2 style=”left” quote=”dark”]How will Elite Server Care Plan benefit you?[/pullquote2]


Free Network Availability Monitoring and Time-consuming routine maintenance tasks (see ‘Key Features’) can be outsourced to the NOC team, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]Elite Server Care[/custom_frame_right]Our AV management is expanded even further – NOC technicians update definitions and assist in the cleanup of found viruses, minimizing the time you have to spend managing your AV solution.
Lights out management is expanded; the NOC will reboot any server identified as offline, regardless of alert or issue. You can create and assign issue-based tickets to our NOC technicians for full problem resolution.

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Elite Server Care – Key Features

(includes all Essential features)

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  • 24×7 chat support for Product related issues
  • Hardware & software audits
  • Ticket-based workflow
  • Ticket escalation with steps to resolution
  • Multi-vendor antivirus management – we update definitions for AV vendors

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  • Remote restart of services and applications (NOC Access Level 1, only)
  • Automated low disk space alert and clean-up (Windows/ NOC Access Level 1, only)
  • Automated patching with flexible installation schedule and optional reboot



(includes all Preferred features)

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NOC resolves up to 90% of alerts related to:

  • Active Directory , Exchange, DHCP/IIS, Blackberry
  • Citrix Terminal (except XenApp 6), Sharepoint, SQL
  • Windows Terminal Server, VMware, VSS, SBS, Windows/Hyper-V
  • Diagnose all uncertain hardware alerts (i.e. potential battery replacements)
  • Resolve Windows patch failures and reboot based on patch schedule you set
  • Reinstall corrupt antivirus software, and offer 24×7 chat support for antivirus issues
  • Email Roundup Monitoring
  • Automated restarts and low disk space clean-up
  • Discounted Tech Advantage projects


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Assign occasional maintenance/projects tickets including:

  • AV scan and remediation for infections
  • Service Pack Installation
  • Driver updates for servers
  • Firmware updates (with LOM access, or – if vendor provides through the console)
  • Server Cluster Health Checks and remediation/recommendation for improvement
  • Citrix XenApp hotfixes, rollup installations and configuration
  • Exchange
    • Health Checks for Exchange 2003 and above – includes running Best Practice Analyser and fixing issues found
    • Defrag and repair Exchange servers
    • Update expired web certificates
    • Setup email roundtrip monitoring
    • Configure recipient update policies for multiple domains
  • VMware
    • Health Checks of configurations, including vCPU and memory, network setup
    • Review error logs using vSphere or vCenter
    • Reconfigure VMs & host data stores
  • Hyper-V:
    • Health Checks including network setup, memory cache, RAID configuration
    • Configure VMs

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Assign issue-based tickets, including:

  • Exchange
    • Outlook web or Outlook Anywhere Access
    • DAG replication & Active Sync issues
    • Spam & Auto discovery feature issues
    • Restore mailboxes as part of a disaster recovery
    • Outlook calendar issues
  • SBS
    • Remote web workspace
    • WSUS & Windows Backup issues
    • Sharepoint & SBS Console crashes
    • Reporting and monitoring services
  • VMware performance issues on VMs and host machines
  • Hyper-V performance issues
  • Citrix XenApp Server:
    • Login, Secure gateway, Web access, Single Sign On, and Licensing
    • Session issues, including time out, printing user profile, certificate
    • Publish Application, including access, streaming, and publishing issues
    • Port, Load balancing, and XTE Service
  • Email delivery issues
  • Server performance issues, including high CPU, low memory, memory leaks and slow response
  • Group Policy failures, such as settings not getting applied to user or machines
  • Windows server errors (including blue screens, memory dumps, & errors related to third-party apps on a besteffort basis)
  • Free Network Availability Monitoring
  • Proactive rebooting of servers (when they go offline) via Lights Out Management
  • Up to 40% discounts for Tech Advantage projects