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Login to your already created email account using RoundCube Webmail Email Access.
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Log to your email account

NOTE: By logging in, you’ll get a temporary “cookie” which will remember your Username while your browser is open. If there is no activity for 1 hour or you close your browser, the cookie will expire and you will need to log in again.[/one_half_last]


[one_half][message type=”info”]New Email Accounts To create e-mail addresses “Email Accounts to each employee or departments” please login to the Control Panel and click ‘E-mail Manager’.[/message][/one_half] [one_half_last]

Configuring Your Mail Client

To Install your already created email account to Thunderbird / Outlook or any other email client program.

Incoming / Outgoing Server :

POP3 server: mail.abdwebhost.com
SMTP server: mail.abdwebhost.com

IMPORTANT – the SMTP server requires login and password. In Outlook select ‘My server requires authentication’. In other email clients this option has a different name.

From Email Support, Please go to Support Page and click on Email Support[/one_half_last]